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Files Compare Tool  v.2.7

Files Compare is a visual tool for files and directories comparison. It has a number of simple and convenient features that many users have been expecting for a long time from a comparison program.

Visual LogParser  v.1.0

Visual LogParser GUI is a free Visual tool for the Microsoft LogParser engine. It enable user to query any log files or data source with a SQL syntax.

Panini perspective tool  v.rc

Panini is a visual tool for creating perspective views from panoramic and wide angle photographs. More than a pano viewer, more than a view camera, with features of both. For Linux/Unix, Win32, and Mac systems with OpenGL

Add-in Express 2007 for VCL Basic  v.2008.4.2.405

Add-in Express VCL is the first visual tool for writing a COM add-in, smart tag and RTD server in Delphi. It completely supports these technologies and makes them very comfortable for programming extensions for all available Microsoft® Office

ClipboardtoDB  v.1.0

The project developed in Java with Swing, is a visual tool, that permit to transfer in easy and speedy way, a cells range from the Excel, Lotus, Calc OpenOffice, into a Database Oracle, Mysql etc... Simply with an operation "Copy / Paste" of

Take Ownership, Excel!  v.1.0

- Visual tool to help learn to take ownership and build a sense of responsibility - Customizable visual scorecard. Help self-identify strengths and weaknesses - Illuminate choices to help empower IMPORTANT: Please read the License terms (available

Where Is  v.3.0

"Where Is" is a visual tool for fast searches in text files. E.g. it can be used to look up words in C/C++/Java/ Basic or other source files. But it is also very useful when searching in any other kind of text

DBUp  v.1.0

DB-Up is a visual tool that compares database schemas.It allows to solve differences one by one with just a click.All modificatios can be simulated in order to check the SQL commands used.It also can be used to copy data between databases.

Open Query  v.1.0

Visual tool for creating, executing, and optimizing SQL queries for your Database Server

QtEnfuse  v.1.0

QtEnfuse is a visual tool to create images that look much like tone mapped HDR images by merging several different exposured, hand-held shot images of the same scene with a few clicks of the mouse (exposure fusion).

QProf  v.1.2.1

What is QProf ? QProf is a visual tool for developers, which displays the execution profiling output generated by code profilers. The output of profilers being usually difficult to read (beyond the flat profile information), QProf presents the ...

SQLite Control Center  v.1.0.1

SQLite Control Center is a visual tool for working with SQLite database files.

A7Soft csv2xml  v.1.01

A7Soft csv2xml is a powerful command line tool for converting csv files to xml format. Usage: csv2xml [-A] Where: csv-file : the source csv file to be converted. xml-file : the target xml file to be created. main-tag-name : the name of the main tag

JExamXML  v.0.2

jExamXML 0.2 is regarded as a very flexible and effective XML comparison Java based command line application. Aimed at professional java developers, this tool may be very useful for every users working with XML. This software can be used either as a

Smart web extractor free edition  v.1.02

An advanced visual web scraping tool that extracts data from web pages automatically.

Microsoft Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow RC  v.3.0.1921.0

Create Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications for the desktop and Microsoft Silverlight 3 applications for the web.

Curiosity  v.1.0.6

Curiosity mission is retrieving on the web information that matters for you, and notify you when updates of such information happen. You have the control, as you can define: -the web sites you want to be monitored -the data you want to be extracted

SpiralLoops  v.2.0.0

SpiralLoops is an experimental loop based sampler for Linux or FreeBSD.

Rapid Visual OAI Tool  v.1.0

Rapid Visual OAI Tool (RVOT) can be used to graphically construct a OAI-PMH repository from a collection of files. The records in the original collection can be in any one of the acceptable format. The format currently supported are

Visual diff and merge tool  v.2.1

JMeld is a visual diff and merge tool. It is build to be fast with large files and runs on any operating

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